I was born in 1977. Always been curious, and a bit dreamer.

At 18 I was working as salesman door to door, a school called Life, while studing semiotic of communication at University of Bologna.

But that lasted few months, I opened my own company and keep studying on my own, visual communication, copywriting, video design,  psycology , anthropology.

And bought my first Canon Hi8, a great love. Then changed for Xl1, falling in love with Final Cut when it still was Macromedia…how many nights loosing my brain on it!!!!

At 22 I was working as marketing director for my company, teaching a group af salesman how to “cold approach” customers ;-) while shooting horrible music videos and fake commercials to practice.

In 2003, moved to Barcelona, where I  developed my passion for film, ideas and realize projects for  Bread&butter, Schweppes, Digital pro, Somos tv, Winston, MTV.

I worked night and day creating Tv shows, commercials, trailers, documentaries, music videos, motion graphics, indoor advertising, mapping projection, vjing and visited lot of clubs;).

I always liked to work in different fields, my character is too thirsty to stuck in one category.

In 2010 back to Italy, Milan.

Good choice, I founded a startup, learned a lot, met amazing people and worked with clients as Hewlett Packard, Mediaset, Guess, Emerson ,Rai1 ,Filmmaster, Gamera, Fabbricavirali, Bmw-mini, DeAgostini ,Clizia Ornato, Publitalia, Eradesign, Haibun, Current tv.

2013, back to Barcelona. Sun, sea and future. Vamosssss.